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Most businesses have understood the importance of hiring a reliable Seo company to promote their services and businesses online. They have got the point that it is better to be found than chasing customers. This is the global phenomenon, customers or clients are searching online for any kind of service or products instead of using their local yellow pages. They find it more convenient to use Google, Yahoo!, or other search engines to purchase any product than hoping real stores! Time has arrived when you can get entire market at a simple click of mouse. So the biggest question is how do you get found?

We at Seo By India have proven our worth by getting top ranking at SERPS for our clients time and again. Our team of expert and experienced Seos applies the most result-oriented Seo techniques along with dedicated efforts. We use all the basic Seo tricks and strategies beside our “Secret sauce” to lift the ranking of any website. Here we have a case study to show how we achieved high ranking for client.

The client came to us when their website was not
getting desired traffic. It was in great need of efficient
search engine optimization services.

Our Objective
Our objective was to optimize the clients website for
search engines to crawl efficiently.We needed to use
all our SEO strategies and tricks to achieve high
ranking within shortest possible time.

Our Solution
And we did it! We used all the basic SEO methods and
not to forget our special touch. We use high traffic
keywords,header tags, Meta titles and descriptiontags,
unique content for every page of the website.

Optimizing the page

One of the most important steps is optimizing the page for the search terms you are targeting. We used search tools to find out the most popular keywords for the website.  When these keywords are put into the search engine, the website should be found in the top results.

Get the Backlinks
Getting the quality backlinks is the way to popularize a website. To rank high in Google search results, backlinks are very important. Once we created the right page and optimized it perfectly, we started working towards getting backlinks- that too quality backlinks. We researched about how many backlinks we need a day to get to the front page. And we did it in the most organic way as we did not purchased links that could put us under the Google radar. We built those backlinks slowly and smoothly.  Wait and Tracked Progress

Wait and Tracked Progress
The next step, though hard, is important and worth. Once we poured in all our efforts and used our strategies, now it was time to sit back, wait and see results.   And we did it- the website   came onto the front page within a few months.

 We simply used our Seo strategies, our secret recipe and of course our gut feeling! The results were great as always!  

Check out our Seo case studies to get a quick idea about what we can do and what we can achieve for you. Call us or contact online to know more about our Seo services and Seo plans.
seo company india
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