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Concersion Analysis
Conversion Analysis is one of the most crucial factors towards ensuring exceptional returns on your investments. At Seo By India, we understand its importance more than anyone else and help you gain substantial monetary benefits by converting prospective visitors to assured customers, thereby accentuating your business sales.

Why conversion analysis?
Conversion refers to the extent to which the visitors of your website become your confirmed customers. By performing thorough conversion analysis, you get the better idea of the ways through which you get conversions. This in turn helps you to lay emphasis on the internet marketing campaigns that are proving to be fruitful in terms of conversions. At the same time, you can also figure out which of your strategies didn’t work out. This information can be further utilized to chalk out a revised strategy that involves the implementation of techniques as per the latest conversion analysis reports.

Advantages of our Conversion Analysis services
Seo By India make sure to carry out conversional analysis for your website on regular basis. This gives a further boosts to our efforts towards ensuring even better conversions for your online business. As a part of conversion analysis, our expert professionals leverage the capabilities of certain effective report generation tools such as Google Analytics. These tools help to track the performance of your website on the basis of some essential facts that may include, among others:
  • Current ranking of your website on leading search engines.
  • Volume of traffic your website is gaining from your internet marketing campaigns.
  • Number of webpages that have currently been indexed on various search engine databases
  • Success rate of each of your internet marketing campaigns towards ensuring conversion
  • Degree of competition you are facing from your rivals

    Efforts to enhance the conversion rate for your business at our end
    It is but obvious that better conversion rate directly relates to exponential sales of your product or services. Therefore, taking care of all the techniques that could contribute towards higher conversion is more than a necessity. At Seo By India, we are prompt enough to devise highly effective ways to give an effectual boost to your conversion rates, through the below mentioned significant efforts.
    • Implementing essential internet marketing strategies.
    • Promoting your website through blogging, social networking, and other capable modes.
    • Gathering most relevant and to-the-point backlinks.
    • Including highly filtered yet keyword rich content in the website.

    Types of conversion analyses at our end
    We keep on monitoring and analyzing your website for its performance in terms of conversion. For this, we perform one or more of the following analyses depending on suitability:

    • Conversion analysis to determine the effectiveness of Internet marketing campaign:This analysis is performed to determine the intensity to which all your internet marketing campaigns have affect the conversions.

    • Conversion analysis for website functionality: This is carried out to know the change in conversion rate due to the contribution of your websites functionality and its interactive features.

    • Web Content Analysis: Conversion analysis to check the contribution of content in the conversion rate enables you to determine the current quality of your content with respect to readability and optimization.

    • Web designing analysis: Performed to ascertain the aesthetic appeal of the website with regard to SEO.
    • Analysis of Conversion Funnel: A complex conversion funnel could tend the visitors to leave your site as early as possible. Conversion funnel analysis therefore lets you realize any flaw or shortcoming in between the home page and the conversion.
seo company india
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