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Making a high-ranking Ecommerce website has always been a challenge for an SEO.The most obvious feature in these ecommerce websites is all of them are conceptually identical and virtually all such websites have products, categories, shopping cart, pay channel, and checkout page. The biggest challenge for an SEO is to make the Ecommerce website stand unique among others. He must understand the factors that affect search-marketing efforts. SEO By India is an expert at Ecommerce SEO and can ensure succeed in your Ecommerce efforts. You can master a few tips offered by masters in the internet-marketing field. Here it goes

  • The very first thing you can do to make a unique Ecommerce SEO website is to have a strong and unique content about each product and each category.

  • The main mantra is to use right keywords at right places. Any website to be successful, it should draw a huge amount of human traffic and that can be achieved when your website has good ranking in search engine results. Right keywords direct your website to a have high rank in the search engine results. For unique content, you can invite user reviews to be added to your content on each product page.

  • Content should be original and creative as search engines are too bored of reading same content! Direct copy and paste from the manufacturers website, though tempting, is a simple no-no. At least rewrite the descriptions given there.

  • Make it a practice to create SEO keyword field and display it in title tags, meta tags and body as well. When you add new products on the site, add popular keywords also for that category. It will help in long tail search.

  • In the page URLS, include keywords like product names and categories; avoid IDs or other parameters.

  • Landing page is the greatest source of pagerank; keep all the product only two-three clicks away from it otherwise bounce rate increases.

  • Title tag should be unique; avoid using duplicate content repeatedly as it weakens the value of other text in the title tag. For instance, in the title tag, keep name of your company only without field description like travel or tours etc.

  • For every product, there should be unique meta tags including description and keywords. Avoid stuffing irrelevant keywords in this section.

  • Internal contextual links play vital role in directing the search engine s and users as well. However, site navigation is there; focus on the contextual links embedded in paragraphs to the text.

  • Creating a product RSS feed is an important practice. It should be submitted to relevant content aggregators. In addition, it will help you get direct back links to your product pages.

  • Since most customers who come to your websites are internet, savvy and know the concept of tagging, allow them to tag your products in their keywords. It will help you come up with new keywords.

  • Use keyword rich page file names rather than using ID numbers or other things. In addition, organize the content for product descriptions in a way that you use rich keywords within the text to link to other products. It helps targeting long-tail keywords. Include crawl-able navigation and avoid Javascript and CSS based navigation.Also, avoid keyword in navigation to appear them on each page, as it will dilute the strength of keywords.

  • To make your content and website stronger and more meaningful, use a meaningful anchor text to link individual products instead of vague terms like more;or view;.

  • Using all these techniques, you can enjoy the benefits of good Ecommerce SEO at Seo By India. However, this is not the exhaustive list, as with every new project you will learn many new tactics by experience also.
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