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Search engines are the largest source of traffic to your websites. Off Page Seo is one of the most useful and most popular methods to redirect the traffic to your website. Optimizing only content cannot give you results that you expect; it requires much more than that. To get best results, most visitors should click your website’s link in the search engines to land on your website. Off Page Seo techniques are geared towards increasing website’s link popularity. You need quality backlinks from other websites for having an effective Seo.  Below is given guide for effective off page Seo.

Link Exchange
Link exchange has been a popular method to get backlinks. Different websites exchange each other’s links. To achieve this, you need to submit your links to a link exchange webmaster and you will get an HTML code of another website   that you need to place on your website. In this method, text and banners both are exchanged as links.

Submission to article directories
Submitting articles related to topic of your website in the article submission directories is an excellent method of getting quality backlinks. This is called article marketing.  Almost all the article directories have an author bio section at the end of each article. You can put a link to your website in that section.  When readers read your article and gets interested in your services or products, they may click the link you have placed there.

Forum Posting
One of the most popular methods is to get backlinks.  You can become part of related forums. If you follow the forum guidelines, forum webmasters allow you to add your hyperlinked signature at the signature box. Whenever you take part in forum discussion or create a new thread, your backlink will follow you.

Make best use of social networking websites   
Seo professionals are using social networking sites as their strongest tool to get quality backlinks since this is great place to make friends and network.  Add your website’s URL in your profile section and promote your website. Your followers and fans would surely click those links to know more about you. Once you create a group of like-minded people, you can get great traffic to your website.

Make Social Bookmarking your habit
Social bookmarking websites such as Mixx, Digg, Propeller, Yahoo!Buzz and others  are great places to promote your link popularity. To get instant web traffic, you need to bookmark any exciting weblinks there at these sites. All these sites require some exciting description of your website, a list of tags and the URL that should be unique.

Issue Press releases about your products and services   
Whenever you add a new product or service to your website, make it a point to write a meaningful and interesting press release informing about your product and services. There is a section of readers who look for such information. At the end, you can place link to your website to let them explore more about your website.

Some other methods include posting relevant comments on the popular blogs where thousands of visitors come daily. In addition, submit your websites to web directories such as HotFrogs, DMoz and others where they list your website. You can also make some targeted efforts like free advertising at advertising sites such as Criaglist. Target at making 15-20 backlinks in day because having more backlinks in a day may cause your website go into spam list. After some months, you will get to see some amazing results!

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seo company india
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