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On page optimization is the very important and key factor of your SEO Methodology, there are two key aspects which leaves their affect on your search results and on page optimization part is one of them, it includes online parts of your website such as domain name, meta tags, location of the business, u so you need to focus on the title tags on each pages of your website, it’s the part of a websites which features on search results page’s content and it becomes essential to use the right key words and phrases on the right position so the searcher can eyes the exact word for which he is looking for. Use of such keywords will help them determine if yours is the website they are really looking for.

Seo By India suggests that, It is essential to get a rise in search engine rankings for your site, to consider the entire key on page SEO aspects as well as try to make your website as search engine friendly as possible. For getting a high rise in search engine results.

We suggest you to consider these aspect while optimizing on page of your website.

Title & header tags:
In this aspect the title of page should include the keyword and if possible, it should come in the beginning. On header tag we use the keyword in h1 - h3 and others if possible.

Avoid the Flesh work:

as search engine avoid the flesh and graphics contents so it’s been suggested touse text as much as possible.

Name of your Site:
It’s the main and vital aspect of on page optimization the selection of domain name is one of the vital on page SEO factors. In a right seo friendly manner the name of your site should be a keyword that posses lots of traffic and if  you faces any problem in having such name then you can make it unique by using signs like, Using a hyphen is ok for SEO purposes.

Internal and external Links:
Internal links with the keyword as anchor text should be used throughout the site. You should also have external links to relevant sites. If you are using Word Press you can use a plug-in to create the links automatically. It is important to remember that external linking is another of the on page SEO factors with the potential for negative consequences. Make sure that your external links are to reputable sites only.

Selection of Keywords:
Selection of keywords is the most important of on page SEO aspects (in fact for your SEO overall) as the wrong keywords will invite a SEO failure ultimately. Each page should be zap around a specific keyword and whole keywords should be in the same niche.

Positioning and density of Keywords:
positioning the keywords in right manner is as important as using the right key word in SEO planning. The keywords should be use as suffixes and prefixes in the content.  The keyword density idea is for the search engines to be clear that the content is associated with the keyword but also it should be keep in mind that it should not be look like repeating and manipulation of keywords . Keyword density is one of the on page optimization that can be done badly with a negative result.

Use of Graphics:
Search engine like and all others reads the Alt tag of graphics and this can become one of the more valuable on page SEO factors on the way og getting good rankings. You should have a graphic with the keyword as the alt text, on each webpage of your site.

Legal Pages:

On page search engine optimization involves the use of standard pages. Search engines look for contact pages and legal pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy. so its better to use all such pages in your site
on page
Search Engine Optimization experts make use of various techniques, methods and approaches to achieve their target. The simple job of getting a website among top results of a search engine is not simple enough.  It needs a targeted approach and consistent efforts. SEO on Page is search engine optimization of one best starategies that cone of those approaches that helps you give effective SEO results. In fact “on Page” SEO is one of the oldest SEO methods. Seo By India team is well versed with all these SEO tips and techniques that can help your website rise the ranking chart in no time. 

“On Page” SEO means optimizing the text and content present on your webpage. It involves editing your page and content to make sure that your page is easily found by the search engines when a user is searching for some competent that is related to your website topic. Following On Page SEO techniques can help you in this regard.
The main objective of On Page SEO is to make your website as Search Engine friendly as possible.

  • To make all your WebPages indexed by search engines, it is important that each page has at least one link from somewhere on your website. In addition, each web page should have unique content.
  • The correct arrangement of Meta Tags and description are very important to get your pages indexed on search engine. The page title should describe the content nicely. Keep title tags less than 68 characters long and description tags should be 148 characters. On your web pages, Different headers should be labeled correctly, using H tags.
  • While writing URL names of the web pages, make them as SEO friendly as possible. Choose a URL name that describes your content instead of giving serial numbers of product ids.
  • For images also, use descriptive URLs that should be SEO. In addition, use descriptive alt attributes with keywords you are optimizing.
  • One important thing that many people ignoreis about linking within the site. When linking within the site, make sure you use complete links instead of just page name.
  • Anchor text is very important and make sure that you use it wisely in your content.
  • A avoid keyword stuffing in your WebPages and write in a natural tone to make it easy for human readers and search engines both. Avoid unnecessary repeating of keywords in your content. Maintain a keyword density that is not counted spammy by the search engines.
  • In the body text, first sentences are very important. Add to this, use first words of sentences wisely, as they are important due to Google LSI algorithm.
  • Now focus on outbound links. Make sure the outbound links you are using must lead to resources that are SEO effective.

  • Avoid Following Unethical techniques
    You should avoid some techniques that are regarded as unethical and can lead to demotion of your website on the search engines.
  • Avoid using hidden text
  • Avoid using negative <div> htmltags. Div tags.
  • Avoid sneaky redirects
  • Avoid duplicate content

  • Though On page SEO has lost its importance for some years, it still is an important SEO technique. We at Seo By India offers its expert services to provide excellent On Page SEO services.
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