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The primary aim of a website is to reach to the eyes of maximum number of internet users. If your website is not getting right place in the search engine results, it is of no use even though it is designed attractively. Though the design of the website is one of the most important factors that can make your website a success, a well-planned SEO campaign can do rest of the trick. We at Seo By India have all the expertise to provide you the SEO friendly solutions. We make use of best methods to make the websites more effective in terms of functionality as well as crawl –ability.

What it takes to be a SEO friendly website
To have SEO friendly website, remember three things; SEO friendly content, well-chosen links with a correctly flowed Pagerank and the right keywords at the right places.  Search engine optimization targets two important aspects; implementation of search engine standards and best user experience. Effective web presence can be achieved only by prefect display of content, solid hierarchy and easy navigation.

Focus on SEO Friendly Content
Seo By India follow a methodical approach in order to have a SEO friendly website. Before creating the website, keep in mind the project specifications and the feasibility of the design. To give the best user experience, it is important to provide information in a well-organized manner. Categorize the content according to relevance and use descriptive menu items. Each page should be linked well linked to home page. Give each page its own keyword that should be reflected in its title. In addition, please be original and creative in your keywords.

Add Proper Sub-headings
You can enhance the SEO of your website by introducing right heading at right place. HTML heading elements (H1 – H6) are highly  and  relevant images have high credibility in search engines. In addition, one more thing, never include your text in flash or images if you want it to crawl in the search engines. 

Easy Navigation Brings more PageViews
 Another useful item on each webpage is the text links in footer that makes it easy for not only the user but also the search engines to navigate easily. In addition, treat each page in the website as a landing page and provide all the information to the user to understand the website structure. To enhance the utility of the website and grab the attention of the user, it is important that you place all the important information such as logo, main message and the navigation above the fold.

SEO friendly websites have fast downloading time
One of the main reasons for why many websites have low ranking and high bounce rate is that they   consume loads of time to load. Remember is a website that is SEO friendly when search engines can easily find it and content that can be downloaded fast.  There are certain things you should avoid such as horizontal scroll, pop-ups and different templates at each page.

The best thing is to keep everything in balance and there should be perfect blend in all the essential elements to make them work together.  Simplicity is the key to achieve this. At the same overuse of keywords is not permitted if you want SEO friendly website. On the contrary, it can damage the pageranking and hence image of your brand.  You have one easy solution; use a keyword analyzer tool.

Some Technical aspects
To make it more marketable, add “call to Action” at the end of engaging content and also add the social media button make it more sharable.   Avoid making full flash website; instead use JavaScript and jquery plugins , that too sparingly. Your website should have a standard screen resolution.

Last But Not The Least
Keep one last thing in mind, conversion rate and hence sales are increased by best user experience. Therefore, instead of focusing only on search engines, improve your website for offering best user experience.
seo company india
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