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SEO Methology
A Famous online marketing Guru has once said, “if you want to sell yourself then feature yourself as much as you can” The basic idea of search engine optimization comes from the roots of above said principal of online business. Search engine optimization methodology is a way to create a method to promote your business over World Wide Web. In search engine methodology we decides that how your brand will feature, where it should be featured and making a plan to update it when needed. In simple words it is like to make a decision about the location to affixing the advertising board on a location in the town such as railway stations, where which can be viewed by most of the peoples.

Researching the web is the most important task to do in SEO Techniques. In researching task we studies the nature of your business, market of the product and your esteemed customers as well as your business rivals. In the researching task we also study the promotional plans of your rivals and develop a plan that can boost your brand and your site can achieve high page ranking in search results. Here we will describe some steps that need to be taken on developing a SEO methodology. In online marketing arena we uses a lot of unique SEO methods on websites and on its contents. The chief method of  is these methods is the placement of right keywords on the right place,  seo friendly webpage designing, link building, using the alt attribute and title tags, cross linking. Search engines frequently change the parameters for searches, so be visible over World Wide Web one needs to understand the method of optimizing the search engines and to update it whenever needed.

Step 1 - On page optimization: in on page optimization you need to understand these terms for having a good SEO methodology.

Title tag optimization- in this step we studies and analyze the title tag of your business because title tag portrait you business and so it should be short and not more then sixty six characters.  It must be include the relevant keywords and also be different for every page.

Keyword analysis and research- this steps grip the study of appropriate phrases & words to be included in the body of web page which in turn aid in promoting your website.

Website analysis of competitors- in this step we do analysis of your competitor website in detail and rate your sites performance against your rivals. We also come to know that where we stand in the business.

Content optimization- in this step we determine the keywords which should be used in the contents of the site and in a way that can make content user friendly. It’s a way of using the most searched keywords and phrases on each page so that your targeted customers searching for your brand & services could locate them & find them appealing.

Step 2 - Off page optimization: in off page optimization you need to understand these terms for having a good SEO methodology.

Google site map hosting- In this step the help of site maps, becomes easy for the spiders to assess the nature of your website, the accuracy of your HTML tags & identify new content.

Submission of websites to all major search engines: in this step we do an important task to get your website listed among the top search engine. Although it doesn’t means to expect top search engine ranking or traffic volume but it makes the search engine aware of your sites presence.

Submission in online directories (general or product specific): in this step we enlist your website in web directories which could be general of product wise too to get the exposure thereby increasing its visibility.

Step 3 - Position monitoring: in this step you will monitor the position of your online brand
Rank your site: By the use of web ranking methodology now you could easily get aware about your website ranking for keywords on the click of a button which otherwise would be extremely time consuming & expensive.

Use of new & updated technology- as we earlier described about SEO methodology we makes a specific plans for specific goals and after considering the current search trends so to always be in the first page of the search engines one need to update with the latest technologies for updating your website.
seo company india
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