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Your website is up; your Seo professionals are working to get that desired top ranking for your site; you are eager to see results; but where are the results you are expecting? This is the problem faced by thousands of Seo professionals working for getting top ranking for their websites. Why?  The reason is though simple, but often ignored; they just keep working but do not analyze their Seo progress. To see good results, you need to put consistent efforts for search engine optimization. By looking at the keyword rankings, you can see the ups and downs of the results. However, analysis of your Seo progress requires much more input. In our repertoire of Seo services, we offer Seo analysis also.

The expert Seo team at Seo By India has put together some important points that can help you track Seo progress of your website.

Google Analytics:
Google analytics is one of the important tools that help you track your SEO progress. It helps you track conversion rate that is an important metric to evaluate your SEO efforts. Conversion rate refers to the number of those visitors to a website that completed a desired goal out of the total number of visitors. Each website has some goal to be achieved; it may require visitors to fill a query form or download a whitepaper or making some payment or whatever it is. Google analytics is the perfect way to track the goal conversion data. You can easily use this tool as it gives step-by-step instructions.

Counting site traffic:
While measuring the SEO progress, site traffic is also an important factor. High site traffic means high conversion rate. However, your site may be already having a high conversion rate but that is not enough if your site is not getting many visitors per week. Once you track it down, you can work towards increasing your site’s traffic. You can submit your site to search engines, getting quality backlinks, using good keywords and more.  Google analytics also helps you here by tracking site visits and page views.

Number of quality backlinks you are getting for your website is a metric for judging SEO progress. Backlinks are of great importance when Google determines the position of a website on SERPs.  Besides linking outwards and within your site, the greater importance is placed to other site linking to you. You can get quality backlinks using various ways such as reviewing products on reputed websites such as Amazon, syndicating press releases, create a page about your website at Wikipedia, and create regular good quality content, a blog and many other things.

Track ranking of your website at search engines:
Your SEO goal is to get your website on the first page of the search engine when targeted keywords are used. You can use some useful free tools available on internet to track your ranking on, Yahoo! Search and other search engines.

Bounce Rate:
It is another parameter that offers great information about the progress of your SEO efforts. Bounce rate refers to the ratio of number of visitorswho viewed just first page to the total number of visitors. If bounce rate is high and time spent by visitors is less, it means that your website is not tempting enough.

Google webmaster tool:
Google webmaster tool is another great tool that provides useful information such as dead links, web indexing, search queries and much more. Check the social media presence of your website and analyze your keywords.SEO By India has all the skill and resources to track your SEO progress to ensure high quality results.
seo company india
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