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Until Google entered the scene and started showing amazingly accurate results, Yahoo! was the most popular search engine. Along with Google and MSN, Yahoo! has its own credibility and importance of search results.  It is important to concentrate your SEO efforts on getting good ranking on the Yahoo! also. To get the rankings, Yahoo! and Google both makes use of different algorithm. To get a website among the top ranking results, experts SEOs make use of Yahoo SEO techniques and tricks. At Seo By India, we have an expert team of SEO professionals who are well versed with Yahoo SEO tricks.  To get the best ranking for your website, an SEO should have good understanding of algorithms that go with all these search engines.

Instead of working towards Google only, you need to make some targeted SEO efforts for Yahoo! also and expect good amount of traffic to your website.

What is the most important thing for Yahoo!
To get a good ranking in any search engine, it is important to know what is the most important factor to be considered in their algorithm. In case of Yahoo!, the most important factor counted in its algorithm is the content. Yahoo loves having keyword-optimized content instead focusing more on the inbound links and other factors that are considered more important in Google. Though  it may sound easier to concentrate more on content than on inbound links, it has its own challenges to tackle.

Keyword Density
Since content is given high importance on Google, keyword density is a vital aspect for your SEO efforts. While on Google, the stress is on having organic content and keyword density is kept at 2-3% while at Yahoo, you need to have greater density level. This strategy may go against Google and your content may be deemed low there.  However, you can counteract this problem with other factors considered in the Yahoo algorithm.
Yahoo considers variants of keywords
One important aspect about Yahoo is it is highly language rich. When considering the keyword density, it considers nuances of a particular word. It counts the synonyms of the words also. However, Google does not consider synonyms and so you can handle both search engines with same content. You can optimize your content for Yahoo without being penalized at Yahoo. While Google considers a keyword density of around 2%, Yahoo likes it is around 7 to 8 percent. When optimizing content, you can use up to 4 variations of each keyword of phrase and keep the density up to 2%. While at Yahoo, you can write in a natural tone as you can use variations and stems of keywords.
Meta Tags are important
Though many SEO professional tend to ignore Meta tags and descriptions, they are important for Yahoo. Yahoo gives much importance to keywords that appear on your page.

Updating Content regularly
For Yahoo, updating pages with fresh content is important. You need to keep on adding new content to your website, may be in the form of blogs, to have good ranking on Yahoo friendly.

Inbound Links
Though a lot of emphasis is placed on content, inbound links are also important. While placing inbound links, do not ignore textual relevance.  The placing or links is also important, as they should be placed at anchor text.

We at Seo By India has long experience and all the expertise to provide excellent SEO results at Yahoo also.
seo company india
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